• Textile and Clothing Production Plant Teofilów S.A. is the company with the forty years’ tradition in production and sales of knitted fabrics produced on round machines, and its history is inseparably connected with the city where it was established and where it operates till now.

    After the Second World War the Polish area of textile industry was being gradually rebuilt in Łódź, as a result of which several dozen of large companies connected with light industry were set up and were operating in the city until 1989.

    The companies employed between hundreds and thousands workers, the city experienced renewed growth, although not such impressive like the one seen in XIX century.


    In our knitting department we are able to prepare all standard types of knitted fabrics, which can be made on cylindrical knitting machines. The yarns used in our factory for production of knitted fabrics include: cotton, viscose, polyester, polyamide and blends of these yarns.

  • Plant “Teofilów” was established in 1971 as a response of Ministry of Economy to increased demand for ready-made garments made of Italian, synthetic knitted fabrics and in its four plants during its prime period there were employed about 6500 workers. The name “Teofilów comes from the name of industrial district of Łódź, in which the company was established.

    At the beginning the company operated on yarn’s market (the plant had its own texturing and yarn’s dyeing departments) as well as on clothing knitted fabrics’ market and ready-made garment’s market.

    Since 1996 the company has been focusing on production of knitted fabrics.


    We realize all finishing processes which are necessary for finishing of raw fabrics of cotton, viscose, polyester and blends of these yarns, all made on cylindrical knitting machines. We offer finishing woven fabrics and knitted fabrics with elastane.

  • In current legal form ZTK “Teofilów” joint stock company in Łódź, 6/8 Szparagowa str. has been operating since 1st July 1999, when “Teofilów”, being a state company, underwent the process of commercialization.

    One of the greatest company’s success factors was systematic modernization of machines range, which allowed to start processing natural materials in the 80’s of XX century.

    As a continuation of this trend, at beginning of XXI century we became pioneers in production of the fabrics from modern, best quality fabrics.


    For reactive and pigment printing processes applied to knitted and woven fabrics we use latest-generation rotary printing machines.