• The knitted fabrics produced by ZTK “Teofilów” S.A. are of unparalleled high quality.

    All parameters of knitted fabrics, contributing to their quality, are controlled during technological process and after its ending.


    In our knitting department we are able to prepare all standard types of knitted fabrics, which can be made on cylindrical knitting machines. The yarns used in our factory for production of knitted fabrics include: cotton, viscose, polyester, polyamide and blends of these yarns.

  • Quality standards we have implemented, were created on the basis of our customer needs analysis. As a result our production quality level is a symbolic point of reference to other competitive companies.


    We realize all finishing processes which are necessary for finishing of raw fabrics of cotton, viscose, polyester and blends of these yarns, all made on cylindrical knitting machines. We offer finishing woven fabrics and knitted fabrics with elastane.

  • Top quality of our products resides also in chemicals we use in production process. They are purchased from reputable producers only which guarantees high standard of finishing and makes our products user safe.


    For reactive and pigment printing processes applied to knitted and woven fabrics we use latest-generation rotary printing machines.