• Teofilów is a company with more than 40 years’ experience in the production of knitted fabrics. We produce and sell high quality knitted fabrics and offer the most comprehensive range of knitted fabrics in Poland. Our technological capabilities enable us to make knitwear patterned according to client’s idea as well as supply finishing and knitting services.

    The educated and experienced staff is ready to offer the best service.


    In our knitting department we are able to prepare all standard types of knitted fabrics, which can be made on cylindrical knitting machines. The yarns used in our factory for production of knitted fabrics include: cotton, viscose, polyester, polyamide and blends of these yarns.

  • We are equipped with the most modern machinery from the world-famous producers such as: ORIZIO, TERROT, MAYER –knitting machinery, BIANCO, BRÜCKNER, LAFER, STORK, SUCKER-MUELLER, THIES, WEISS-finishing machinery. A high level of computerization improves considerably our production management. We produce knitted fabrics for various applications: babies’ and children’s clothing, underwear, youth clothing, sports wear, ladies’ clothing, advertising clothes, bedclothes, curtains, mattresses. We use cotton, polyester, viscose, polyamide, bamboo yarns, as well as lycra and other elastanes. We can make fabrics from organic cotton.


    We realize all finishing processes which are necessary for finishing of raw fabrics of cotton, viscose, polyester and blends of these yarns, all made on cylindrical knitting machines. We offer finishing woven fabrics and knitted fabrics with elastane.

  • We offer the following types of finishing: bleached, dyed, brushed, printed, cut-terry, colour knitted, antimicrobial protection, spot-proof. Knitting weaves produced by our company include: single jersey, rib, interlock, fleece, terry, cut-terry, pique, jacquard.

    Our clients have a possibility to reserve patterns and colourings.


    For reactive and pigment printing processes applied to knitted and woven fabrics we use latest-generation rotary printing machines.