• Factory shop

    Factory shop "Piramida"

    Łódź, ul. Szparagowa 6/8
    785 998 832, 785 998 831

    We work from Monday to Friday, opening hours 9 am – 5 pm.

    The shop offers a comprehensive range of the knitted fabrics with attractive design, competitive prices. In case of considerable purchases there is a possibility to receive a discount. The shop is easy to access and has a parking space for clients.

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  • Internet

    Internet shop
    691 696 682, 785 998 831

    http://ztkteofilowpiramida.pl/ http://najlepszedzianiny.pl/

    If you cannot reach us, we invite you to visit our on-line shop with wide choice of knitted fabrics produced by us at competitive prices. We send parcels by courier partner within the whole Polish territory.

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